Why are drone flight times so short?

Why are drone flight times so short?

Time is very important when flying a drone. Learn more about the flight time of drones currently on sale, what is the situation that drone flight time tends to be short, and why it is not always good just to have long flight time, I will explain.

So why does drone flies for a shorter period of time?

In short, the drone needs a lot of energy to fly with its small propellers, complex mechanism and drains out all of its battery life very quickly. So, Due to the shortage of the battery, the flight time cut short.

Drone flight times vary by manufacturer and model. In addition, depending on the purpose of use, the capacity of the equipment such as the mounted motor and battery differs, which affects the flight time.

What is the average battery life of a drone?

Generally, the time that a drone can fly is up to about 10 minutes for a hobby drone (toy drone) and about 30 to 40 minutes for a full-fledged drone.

For example, DBPOWER’s X400 has a flight time of 8-9 minutes, DJI’s Matrice100 has a flight time of 35 minutes, and so on.

However, it does not always mean, the higher the price, the longer the flight time, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t know how long your drone can fly, you may run out of battery and crash if you fly far away, or you may be submerged and broken.

Even if you can take an aerial view of the superb view, if you do not calculate the time required for the drone to return and leave the battery, your efforts will become bubbles. Knowing the flight time of a drone is a must for a drone pilot.

What are the situations where drone flight times tend to be short?

Since the flight time of a drone varies greatly depending on the situation, it is not sufficient to know only the time stated in the product description. For example, the following can significantly affect drone flight time:


Inside the battery mounted on the drone, a chemical change is taking place, and a mechanism that allows it to fly by being converted into energy is working.

When the temperature is low, the chemical change is less likely to occur and the battery will be consumed more. For this reason, it is important to keep the battery warm in winter by wrapping it in a warmer or putting it in a case.


Flying at 0m above sea level and flying at 2,000m makes a big difference in battery performance, and the flight time will change.

Higher altitudes tend to be shorter. This is because the thrust is less likely to be produced in places with thin air, even if they are the same model.

Loading capacity

For hobby drones, it is unlikely that you will carry your luggage with drones or carry equipment. But if you load things such as carrying relief supplies or spraying pesticides, the drone’s flight time may change depending on the volume.

Naturally, the larger the volume, the more battery is consumed, so the flight time will be shorter.

In this way, the flight time of the drone changes in various situations, and even in the case of strong winds, the flight time may change.

It is necessary to fully understand the environment in which drones fly, and respond accordingly.

How long can a drone fly without recharging?

This one is hard to tell. It depends on brands, battery, motors, props and other undeniable conditions.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro can fly up to 31 mins without recharging in optimal condition.

Drones don’t just mean for longer flight times

Drone flight times have been longer than at the beginning of drone popularity. It is highly probable that drones that can fly longer will appear.

How can you increase your drone flight time?

Well, if there is a problem there are solutions too. Yes, drone flight time can be increased to a certain extent. There are some ways to get a longer flight time for a drone.

The flight time of the drone depends on battery performance. It will also depend on how hard you operate the console during flight. 

For example, if a drone is turned up and down more than necessary, it naturally consumes battery power, so the battery is used and the flight time is shortened.

Using these simple following ways you can get an extra few minutes for your drone to fly…

1.Fly slower than usual.

2. Don’t weigh your drone too much. Lose some weight by removing the camera, frame and other unnecessary stuff.

3. Use smaller and lower kv motors for your drone. It may weigh a few grams down for you.

4. A larger battery can give you a few seconds of extra flight time. So, you might test using a larger battery next time. Also, try to use a higher C rated battery.

5. If you don’t have to, try not to fly in a rough weather condition.

6. Don’t race too much as full-speed mode drains the battery out quickly.

7. Upgrade your motor, battery or the drone itself often.

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What are the best drones for a longer flight time?

DroneFlight Time
Ruko F11 FPV Drone (2 batteries)60 mins
DJI Mavic 2 Pro 31 mins
Holy Stone HS720 26 mins
DJI Mavic Mini 30 mins
Holy Stone HS120D  36 mins
JJRC X5 Drone 20+20 mins

What is the risk of choosing a drone with a short flight time?

For example, if you are flying a drone, you may not be able to position it in the way you want, or it may be dropped during flight because it is too fun to fly for a long time.

It is common for drones of over 1000 dollars to be broken by falling and become unusable. You need to land well before your flight time consumes the battery.

If possible, it is a good idea to fly about 75% to 80% of the flight time estimate. If it is stated in the flight time and product information for one hour, it is best to keep the flight for about 45 minutes.

Whether you choose a drone based on the image quality of the camera, the style of the design, or the size of the camera, such as compactness, it is up to you to decide which one to use.

However, if you do not look at the flight time at least, you will not be able to fly as expected even if you decide to shoot.

But the longer a drone’s flight time, the better?

Driving a drone requires considerable concentration. For this reason, it is possible that the driver loses concentration due to prolonged maneuvering, causing an accident such as a collision or crash, losing sight, or falling when carrying goods.

No matter how long the flight time of the drone, it will be difficult for the drone to fly safely unless humans take measures to cope with it.

As drones evolve, we need to prepare ourselves to have the environment, technology and knowledge to make flying drones safer.


Drones are one of the cutest inventions in the recent past. Consumers drones basically were created as a toy or recreational purpose. But as times are changing people are using it in different creative ways.

so, the need for flying drone a longer period of time has now become a larger demand. Hope this issue is going to solve as soon as possible.

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