What to do when you crash your drone?

What to do when you crash your drone?

Whether you’re an individual or a business, don’t forget about the risk of accidents when using drones. Although it is a drone that can be easily operated, it comes with dangers such as crashes, collisions with people and objects. 

What to do when you crash your drone?

  • Know about legal responsibilities.
  • know what roles do insurance plays.
  • know Warranty policy and claim accordingly.
  • Fix the drone yourself.
  • Sell the drone.

So, let’s know in advance what kind of responsibilities will be caused in the event of an accident with a drone.

What are the legal responsibilities of a drone accident?

Daylight Engine Air Camera Drone Aerial View

A drone can be a crash or a collision. At that time, damage to things or injuries to people will result in liability accidents. There are three types of legal liability for drone crashes.

・ Civil liability
・ Criminal liability
・ Administrative liability

Let’s take a closer look at each of these responsibilities.

Civil liability for drone accidents: damage to people or buildings

If a drone causes damage to a person or third party, the victim may claim monetary compensation for the damage. This civil liability is called “liability for damages.”

If you injure yourself, you will pay damages to the parties, and if you damage the property, you will pay damages to the owner. If the drone was used by an individual, the pilot himself will be responsible for this “tort liability”.

This tort liability arises when the pilot is “intentionally” or “negligibly”. “Intentional” means deliberately performing an action, and “negligence” means inadvertently or inadvertently performing an action.

For example, let’s say you say nothing in the weather forecast, but suddenly the weather suddenly changes and the strong winds cause damage from a drone crash.

If it was almost impossible to predict this strong wind, the pilot would not be inattentive and “negligence” would not matter.

On the other hand, what if the drone crashed and caused damage due to a dead battery? If you’ve been maneuvering for more than the battery life, running out of battery is predictable. 

For this reason, a dead battery accident may be regarded as “negligence” due to the carelessness of the pilot.

This lack of awareness of drone safety management means that in the event of an accident, damages can be neglected and liable for civil liability.

Also, if the pilot was hired by a company and operated as a business, the company would have to assume liability for damages caused by employees, even if they were not direct perpetrators. This is called “user responsibility”.

However, liability for damages will be exempted in the case of an accident in which the appointment and supervision of the employee has been performed with due care or which has been unavoidable even with the care.

Criminal liability for drone accidents: when a person is harmed by intention or negligence

Criminal liability means being charged with a penalty. Intentionally injuring a person with a drone is charged with assault and injury.

“Negligence for injury” applies to damages caused by negligence, and “criminality for negligence” applies if the victim has died.

In the event of a drone accident during work, the charge will be “Negligence for work injury” and “Legality of negligence for work”.

Administrative liability for drone accidents: administrative liability with licensing authority

Administrative responsibilities refer to penalties from government agencies for disrupting social order. It is separate from criminal punishment and is at the discretion of the government.

For example, the Civil Aeronautics Act does not specify penalties for the accident itself. However, past accidents have a large impact on the criteria for obtaining approval. 

Drone accidents can limit subsequent approvals from government agencies and make it more difficult to obtain permits.

In this way, civil liability is the most common type of drone accident, but depending on the situation of the crash, criminal and administrative liability also comes up. 

In order not to assume these responsibilities, always be aware of drone maintenance and safe flight.

What role does drone insurance play?

Drones fly in the sky, so there is always a risk of crash.

In such a case, it is safe to take out insurance.

If you take out insurance, you will be able to operate your drone with confidence.

So, this time, I would like to introduce the basics of insurance for drones.

Do you need drone insurance in the first place?

Drones are constantly flying in the sky, so there is a risk of crashing with a little trouble.

Possible drone crashes include the following:

-The drone became uncontrollable and crashed, contacting people and causing serious injury. (Personal compensation)

The drone became uncontrollable and collided with the wall of the house, crashing and damaging the car underneath. (Objective compensation)

-The building that was requested to shoot was destroyed by a gust of wind. (Managed property damage compensation)

・ After uploading the aerial video on the Internet, a neighbor in the video was sued for privacy infringement. (Infringement of moral rights)

These things are not likely to be normal if you fly your drone casually.

So, if this happens, a strong ally to protect yourself is drone insurance.

There are two types of drone insurance

There are two main types of drone insurance.

That is “liability insurance” and “machine insurance (movable property comprehensive insurance)”.

・ Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers damages in the event of damage to others or property as described above.

Applicable for personal and objective damages.

・ Machine insurance (Movable property insurance)

On the other hand, aircraft insurance (combined property insurance) is insurance for the drone aircraft itself.

For drones damaged by crashes and accidents, it will cover repair costs etc.

Also, some insurance will cover even the costs of searching and collecting.

Drones are often more expensive, so it is safe to have such insurance.

How to join with individuals and corporations

Now let’s look at ways to get drone insurance.

・ Individual

There are several insurance companies that can be joined by individuals.

Also, if you have car insurance, you can subscribe to “Individual Liability Insurance” as a special contract, so you can also use this.

However, depending on the content of the insurance, there is a possibility that the insurance is not applied, so if you are uncertain, it is better to purchase insurance for drones separately.


In the case of corporate use, I think that there is an insurance company that usually joins during the business.

So let’s ask once if there is insurance for drones.

DJI warranty policy

Wondering if an official warranty covers the repair of your damaged Dji quadrocopter? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of cases in which the warranty will be voided. Each of them can be found on the DJI website in the “After-Sales Service Policy” section.

Here are 19 cases that are not covered by DJI warranty repairs.

  1. Pilot mistakes
  2. Drone parsing
  3. Incorrect use of a quadrocopter
  4. Unauthorized Service Damage
  5. Improper use of battery and charger
  6. Damage resulting from non-recommended flights
  7. Drone flying in rain or other bad weather
  8. EMI Flights
  9. Wireless Interference Flights
  10. Using quadcopter with extra weight
  11. Flights with damaged parts
  12. Modification of the quadrocopter with third-party spare parts
  13. Flight with a faulty battery
  14. When everything is alright with the aircraft
  15. Data loss
  16. Software
  17. Damage caused by third-party components
  18. Following the advice of non-technical Dji technicians
  19. Identified Tag Product

Fix the drone yourself

If your drone is not eligible to get the insurance money or warranty repair then you got an option. Repair the drone yourself. This could give you a hard time but building your drone again should be exciting.

Sale your drone

If you are not willing to repair your drone there is another option you can take is to sell your drone. There are several options for you to sell your drone like this one.


There is always a risk for your drone to be crashed. Taking insurance for your drone before flying might keep you on the safe side but taking precautions is always better for you and other people as well. This way you can avoid some damages.

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