How to use a drone for fishing?

How to use a drone for fishing?

YES, you have read correct, fishing with drones. who was going to tell me that fishing was going to advance so much in new technologies and would include in their arsenal of gear and material one of these quadcopters directly from the future.

In reality, these devices are not going to replace our beloved fishing rods, what they can give us is a plus in certain aspects, such as being able to take high-resolution underwater photographs to get to know the seabed better.

It is true that the fishing probes already give us information about it, but maybe these underwater drones, they give us extra value, such as being able to take underwater photos of wonderful places. 

With regard to what we like, which is sport fishing, drone tests and experiments have been done and the results have been satisfactory to some extent.

We will talk about the possibility to fish with drones and we will see it step by step below. Let’s go there!

Some advantages of drones in fishing:

  • We can explore areas of fish never imagined before.
  • We will have the possibility of making longer distance sets
  • If combined well with “traditional” techniques can give us many captures
  • We can take pictures of the really impressive fishing areas

Step-by-step guide for fishing with RC drones

Quiet fisherman, we will not leave our rod and hooks left to fish with these gadgets, what we are going to do is combine these elements to be able to fish more fish in the most effective way possible. 

To date, the radio control drones have not been invented that we take out the fish alone without us doing anything. Although many would still like the fisherman’s skill and experience will be necessary.

Imagine that it ticks a 200 kg tuna and begins to pull the drone, do you know what would it happen? goodbye tuna and goodbye drone.

To perform active fishing with UAVs correctly is the use of transport mechanisms and release of the fishing line at the greatest distance we can achieve. 

If we use a drone with FPV glasses, we will be able to carry the fishing line on the surface of the water while with our first-person vision goggles we will be able to see everything below, to later solar the lure in the area where our possible capture is located.

Step 1

How to fish with drones step 1

It is necessary to have a point of union between the drone and the fisherman , we will look for a place right in the center of the aircraft to have greater stability and avoid rocking and imbalances when we catch a fish. 

We will avoid the gimbal as a junction point since we could break the chamber that has the drone incorporated by the pressure exerted during the typical fishing pulls. A very good trick is to join two pieces of thread interwoven together to the landing gear to give greater strength and stability to our anchor.

Step 2

How to fish with drones step 2

Surely you will be wondering what happens when you have managed to catch something? How do I release the drone? 

There are automatic clip-shaped releasers called downrigger release clip on the market, they are really useful since their function is to hold the fishing line while the drone transports it and release it whenever we want.

Usually when we are certain that the Fish has stung, so we will ensure that the drone does not fall into the water due to the strength of the fish. This type of clamps has the possibility of adjusting its grip strength.

Step 3

How to fish with drones step 3

Step 3 is simple but requires a bit of practice to be able to do it easily. Just attach the fishing line to our caliper or release clip. To do this we must unlock our reel so that the line runs freely without any resistance.

Then we make the drone fly a few meters and then block the reel brake and fly our drone upwards until the line is tight enough to thus, to be able to drop our decoy by releasing the release clip line. 

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Since we can fish at distances that we could never have achieved with our rod by throwing it by hand.

Step 4

Without a doubt this is the simplest step in the guide of how to fish with drones, we will return our aircraft to the fishing post and wait as usual until we have a dive, just at that moment you already know how to act 😉

Things to consider in this type of fishing.

  • The wind plays against, avoid flying the drone when there are strong gusts of wind
  • It is convenient to know what are the wind speed limits that the aircraft is capable of supporting
  • Always maintain the maximum allowed distance between the drone and us
  • Do not exceed exceeding the load allowed by the quadcopter
  • Keep in mind the battery time and do not exceed this limit

Main characteristics of fishing drones

  • Minimum load of 600 grams of weight
  • Battery with the autonomy of between 15 or 20 minutes capable of supporting several round-trip flights
  • Automatic release clip system operated from the station
  • Built-in overhead video camera, so you can see just below the drone
  • It is recommended that the chamber be aquatic and resistant to sand since they will be the two main components that can harm this
  • You will not need any type of card that enables us as professional pilots because the activity to be done is recreational fishing
  • Fly in areas that comply with the FAA regulations on the flight of unmanned aircraft

The best underwater drones for fishing

Fathom One

It is one of the most recognized underwater drones by aeromodelling fans around the world.

Thanks to its camera we can record at depths of up to 45 meters, a whole madness. We will also have the possibility to pilot it with our smartphone through a mobile application. 

With this app, we can upload videos and photos of the seabed that we have been able to take directly to our social networks or to the cloud. The Fathom One water drone gives us the possibility to record videos in HD since it has a powerful high-resolution camera. 

Another advantage is that we can record in low light conditions since it has powerful 3W Led bulbs. And perhaps one of the best advantages of the Fathom One is the battery, we can be piloting it underwater for up to an hour if we worry about the autonomy of the battery.


Undoubtedly, the Aquadrone is the rare bug of underwater drones. It is considered amphibious since we can use it by air and sea, a whole pass, a multipurpose quadcopter that will give us hours and hours of fun. 

It also has the advantage that it includes 2 batteries to be able to change them when one of them runs out which ensures a lot of flight time. 

Its recording camera, as it is not in HD, taking photos with a very high resolution. Highly recommended for beginners to this type of equipment since it is much cheaper than other water drones of the same range.


Without a doubt, PowerRay is a revolution in underwater drones

Since it has all the technological innovations. Its developers talk about wonders and say they designed it “from fishermen to fishermen”. So start saving because its price is not suitable for all budgets. 

The maximum immersion in meters allows us to go down to 30 meters which is not bad, it will also include a fishing probe to detect fish up to 40 meters. 

For ease of use, we can handle it with our mobile phone, easy and simple. It has the possibility of being able to use it with FPV glasses, its overall weight does not exceed 7 kg which makes it one of the lightest of its kind.


I hope, you like the article and hope this was helpful to you. Drone can help you increase your excitement about fishing. And don’t forget the drone law while flying to catch a fish or else you might get caught.

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