How much weight can a drone carry?

How much weight can a drone carry?

As a drone that needs to be spread as soon as possible as a rescue supply at disaster sites and a tool that revolutionizes the logistics industry, what is the weight of luggage that can be transported?

In this article, we will introduce the current status and future prospects of drone transportable weight and the situation in various countries around the world.

At present, you may feel that the weight of luggage that can be transported by drone is smaller than expected.

The weight that can be carried by a general drone whose main purpose is not transportation but aerial photography is about 3 to 6 kg.

This amount of weight is sufficient for transporting small and light-weight products and goods, but if it is to be used in the logistics industry in earnest or to transport relief goods in the event of a disaster, it is almost impossible. Not enough.

However, the above is an example of a current general drone. Drones are evolving day by day, and the development of larger drones is proceeding in parallel with the miniaturization of the fuselage, and during this time, new drones are being planned one after another.

The emergence of drones that can carry large, heavy loads will not be so far away.

What is the future weight that can be transported by drone?

Some drone manufacturers are focusing on developing large industrial and transport drones capable of transporting heavy loads.


The payload
used in the drone industry mainly means “load capacity”.

In addition, Kumamoto City Blue Bee has successfully developed large drones with maximum payloads of 37kg, 80kg and 150kg.

From a worldwide perspective, all of the drone industry cannot be denied a slight delay with the ever-growing needs of supply goods with a drone. But drones with large transport weights are being developed one after another.

As the introduction into the logistics industry progresses, the transportable weight will increase in the future, and it will be possible to carry large packages.

It is also expected to be used for transportation of relief supplies to villages that have been isolated due to natural disasters.

Riak management is also important.

However, at the same time risk management is becoming important. The larger the weight that can be transported, the larger the drone. An “object” that exceeds 100kg, including the weight of the cargo to be transported, flies in the sky.

The role of risk management is being asked, including how to develop a drone that can fly safely and stably, assuming the damage caused by a crash, how to deal with laws and regulations, safety standards, compensation issues, etc.

What is the weight of drone transportation and countries around the world?

The current situation of drone transportation in the world has been that it is impossible to carry heavy luggage so far, but it has been told that large numbers of drones are being developed one after another and the weight of luggage that can be transported is increasing.

Finally, here is an example of what is happening in the world.


Equipped with a jet engine, we have developed a drone with a maximum flight time of 5 hours and a maximum payload of 90 kg.


In 2009, we successfully developed a drone that can transport from 25kg to a maximum of 2t.


We are developing a drone with a maximum altitude of 5.5km, a maximum speed of 177km / h, and a maximum payload of about 500kg.


Boeing, an aerospace equipment development and manufacturing company, has developed a drone capable of transporting approximately 227 kg of luggage and has successfully conducted test flights.

The development of large, heavy-duty drones is progressing in countries around the world.

How much weight different brand can carry?

DJI Phantom 4 pro1.02lbs
Mavic 2 pro31.99 ounces
DJI Phantom 3 pro  2 pounds
DJI Phantom 3  1.3 kg
DJI Phantom 2 8.8 pounds


The drone industry is growing at a tremendous rate every day. In just a few years, drones may be able to carry heavier luggage, which is now unimaginable.

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