How to do Aerial Drone Photography with Smartphones?

How to do Aerial Drone Photography with Smartphones?

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, but is increasingly used as a handy aerial device for personal use. At present, some of these drones can be easily operated using a smartphone. In this article, learn more about uses of smartphones with aerial drones.

There are two ways to control aerial drones

Controlling drones for aerial photography can be roughly divided into two types: remote control and automatic flight by programming. 

In addition, there are two types of remote control. One is to use a radio controller to operate like a conventional radio control, and the other is to connect to a smartphone or tablet using Wifi or Bluetooth.

How to do aerial drone photography with a smartphone

  1. Turn on your drone’s wifi or bluetooth
  2. Turn on wifi or bluetooth of your smartphone.
  3. Connect bluetooth or wifi of your smartphone with the bluetooth or wifi of your drone.
  4. Now operate the drone with the smartphone.

What is the procedure for connecting an aerial photography drone and a smartphone?

The drone can be operated intuitively using a smartphone. It is also convenient to be able to operate the drone with your own familiar smartphone. 

However, there may be cases where you may not be sure how to connect your smartphone and drone at first. 

There are two ways to connect the drone and smartphone: using Wifi and using Bluetooth, but in fact, both methods are very simple.

Regardless of whether you use Wifi or Bluetooth, first, download the dedicated application. Then turn on the drone. 

In the case of Wifi, select Wifi settings from the smartphone settings and select the drone’s Wifi. 

In the case of Bluetooth, select the drone from the smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. The drone and smartphones are now connected. All you have to do is launch the dedicated app you downloaded first and operate the drone.

Now the whole control of your drone is on your smartphone. You can operate, take photos, give directions and land your drone using the smartphone. There are such options available on the app to take photos or record videos.

How can you connect your drone camera with your phone?

First of all, Download and install an App on your phone. Like Dji go app. Then connect your phone and your drone controller using a USB cable. Now turn on the drone, turn on the remote controller and run the app on your phone.

You can now see everything that your drone camera sees on your smartphone.

How can you connect your drone camera with Android?

Turn on the drone so that the drone wifi can be found. Now enable wifi on your android device. Find and connect with the drone wifi.

Do aerial photography with a drone using your smartphone 

Here are four recommended drones that can be operated with smartphones.


Tello is a mini drone from drone giant DJI, a product developed in collaboration with Intel. It is a palm-sized, lightweight of 80 grams, has a large capacity battery, and can fly for up to 13 minutes.


DOBBY is Zerotech’s mini drone specializing in selfie, also weighing 199 grams in palm size. You can fly for 9 minutes. Because this drone is equipped with a 4K camera, it can shoot amazing beautiful photos and videos.


SPARK is also a DJI mini drone. The size is slightly larger than the palm size, the weight is a little heavy at 300 grams, and the maximum flight time is 16 minutes long. In addition, it recognizes movements of hands and arms, so it can be operated by gestures. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is easy to shoot beautiful photos and videos, and there are plenty of color variations.

Air Selfie

It is an ultra-small drone specialized in selfie. It is smaller than the palm size and weighs just 61 grams. 

Although the flight time is as short as 3 minutes, it comes with a built-in charger case that can also be used as a smartphone case, so it can be carried along with the smartphone and used as a selfie stick to take selfie aerial shots anytime and anywhere.

Some drone apps for aerial photography

  • PhotoPills
  • UAV Forecast
  • B4UFly
  • DJI Go
  • Airmap

The same necessary precautions for drone flight aerial photography are the same for both radio and smartphone!

What should we pay attention to when actually flying a drone? The precautions when flying a drone are the same for both the radio and the smartphone.

The Law prohibits drones weighing more than 200 grams from flying around airports, etc. which are regulated by the Civil Aviation Law, in populated areas, and in airspaces with a height of 150 meters or more.

In addition, the following rules are also mentioned as drone flight rules regardless of the flight location.

・ Flying during the day

・ Flying within the visual range

・Keeping a distance of 30m or more between people and objects
・ Do not fly above the event where many people gather
・ Do not carry hazardous materials such as explosives and Do not transport
items or drop objects from drones

When flying in the above-mentioned restricted areas or flying a drone regardless of the flight rules, the permission of the flight is required in advance, and a fine may be imposed for the violation. Please be careful.

In addition to the Aviation Law, there are laws related to drones, such as the Flying Prohibited Law for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the Road Traffic Law, the Civil Code, and the Radio Law. Before actually flying the drone, let’s check them well.


Flying a drone or taking beautiful photos and videos through aerial photography is very fun. However, there are many rules and laws for flying drones. Be sure to check the rules and use the drone safely and fly happily.

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